2012 QuickBooks Tax Table Warning TT = 9622003

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Are you getting this recent warning, with the TT = 962203 information as displayed in the screenshot, when you start up your QuickBooks? If so click on OK twice to continue.

 Does this mean that my tax table is not installed or that it was not updated? Where do I go to see if my tax table is current? Will the message ever go away?

First of all it’s a QB’s technical problem in the payroll file but it will not affect your payroll processing or your company file. Intuit will get around to fixing it at some point and you will receive a patch to correct the problem.

So don’t panic, as I will direct you to help check on your payroll to see if it is current and up to date.

Go to your Menu Bar/Help/My License Information and you should see this screenshot. If you look at the bottom of My License Information you will see the Payroll Information section.

This not only will it tell you if your payroll is active, but it will also tell you the Tax Table version and the the Expiry date. That date should read 31/12/2012. If it does you’re all good.

If it does not, go back to Help and Update and if that doesn’t solve the problem, then get in contact with your QuickBooks Pro Advisor, or if you have a lot of time, QuickBooks Tech Support. But don’t sweat it when the tax table warning pops up every time you start your QB’s, just click on OK twice and carry on.

Hope this reduced the panic attack.

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