February, 2012

QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy: How to Create, Send and Import

An Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks is usually created so that the Accountant can do work on the company file at the end of the fiscal year. While the Accountant does the work, you as the end-user can still be working on the new fiscal year but you will not be allowed to go back to the previous year. This is done to protect the integrity of the data that the Accountant is working on. Once...

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What to Do When the Accounts Payable Account Does Not Balance

I came across an unusual problem that an Enterprise Solutions client had, which had me baffled for awhile. The Accounts Payable amount on the Balance Sheet (61,954.21) did not agree with the Unpaid Bills Report amount(68,358.63). The Unpaid Bills Report also represents the A/P Aging Summary. Now how could the QuickBooks Accounts Payable account not agree with the Vendor’s payable...

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Is Kijiji Advertisement Mis-leading the Paying Public?

Having discovered Kijiji a couple of months ago, I thought I would try it out since it seemed like a more professional way of advertising than Craigslist. Now both of these on-line advertisers are free but Kijiji also has several options to promote your ad portion at a cost. After trying the free Kijiji advertising for a couple of weeks to see how the traffic was, and how quick the ad would...

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