March, 2012

QuickBooks Advanced Inventory for Canada?

There may be a possibility that Canada may get access to the Advanced Inventory, which is now available in the United States. I was speaking to an Intuit Enterprise contact and he told me that they are working hard to get their development department to launch that possibly for next year (2013). Word has it that Intuit has been losing business due to the fact that that the current Inventory...

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Email Set up in the new 2012 QuickBooks – Part 2

Boy, QuickBooks changes this as they update the new releases. I had an earlier blog about how to set up your email by having to go through Microsoft’s Outlook ,but enough customers must have complained to QuickBooks, so here’s the latest version. Go to your Menu Bar/Edit/Preferences and choose Send Forms. Click on My Preferences which will open up the window that is displayed here. ...

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Will the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Work with Errors?

This article is mainly for QuickBooks ProAdvisors since they are the ones that would use the Accountant’s copy. Normally this is pretty straightforward, with the client emailing you the Accountant’s copy via the Intuit Server, you work in it, make the changes and email it back. What happens though if you have done a Verify Data and it has checked out clean, but there are errors in the...

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