May, 2012

From a Single or Duo Ownership to Incorporation in QuickBooks

So you started out as a Proprietorship or Partnership and after several years your business has become so successful that your accountant has suggested it’s time to incorporate. This may due to a number of factors, but the amount of income tax you pay as a single entity in comparison to an incorporation, will be a key one. Okay, now what do I do about the company file that I am currently...

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The Limitations of the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

If you’re hoping to find something through the QuickBooks Help on the limitations of the Accountant’s Copy, I say to you good luck. Sure it will tell you some useful information about what an Accountant’s Copy is, how large it can be, and so on, but it really doesn’t say what you can and can not use it for. There are so many limitations that I wonder why Intuit even...

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