July, 2012

Snap Payroll App for QuickBooks U.S. Employers

Boy, talk about the speed of technology, Intuit (QuickBooks) is now offering a free payroll app for iPhone, iPad and iPod called Snap, that performs paycheck calculations for small businesses. The app available from your Apple’s App Store, calculates the paycheck in minutes anywhere that you happen to be and is updated with the latest tax tables. This apparently is only available in the...

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Is HST Accounted for in QB’s Downloaded Bank Transactions?

 If you are one of those people that decided to work with your QuickBooks by downloading all your transaction from your bank, how are you accounting for your HST? QuickBooks doesn’t know that there is HST in a bank transaction, such as in a cheque payment or a Visa charge. Are you making sure that you break that amount out when you match the transaction as shown in the screenshot? If not,...

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