2015 CDN QBs Desktop Backup Failure!

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2015 Backup FailureNot sure if any of you have encountered this problem but my 2015 Canadian QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant version is giving me this error message when I try to do a backup. First I tried the Back Icon then I went to File/Create a Backup and received the same message. This is occurring during the Verify data integrity check.

Not sure if you can read it so I will help you. It says – QuickBooks has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

I have a beef with Intuit because each year they release their new versions and each year we ProAdvisors that receive these new updates- end up being the Beta testers. So what I will start doing, and would suggest to my fellow colleagues is – wait until several months after the release and then update to the new years version.

By the way, if anyone figures out how we are suppose to do a backup, then please comment on this for the rest of us.

UPDATE – Dec.15, 2014 – In speaking today with Intuit tech support, they said there is indeed a bug in the 2015 Canadian QuickBooks Desktop Accountants release 3P, they are aware of it, and are working on a fix in the new release. This new release is expected to be come out today (December 15, 2014) or tomorrow.

In the mean time you still CAN NOT backup your company file without it crashing at about the 21% verification spot.

Previous UPDATE!! Here is some of the trouble-shooting I did. First I went to Utilities and tried to do a Re-Build data, but of course it wants to back the data up and that’s where it crashed again. Next I went to the Computer’s Control Panel, and in the Programs and Features/Uninstall or Change a Program, I tried to do a REPAIR on the 2015 QB Premier Accountant’s version.

The message it gave me after completing this was that it had repaired whatever problem there was, so I went back and tried to do a Back-up – but the same crash occurred. Carrying on with the testing, I then uninstalled the QB’s 2015 program and re-installed it, ran an Update and tried a back-up again.

Same crashing problem occurred, so I expect that this is a bug in this R1 version and will have to be de-bugged by Intuit.

BTW – you can go to where your Company File is located and copy that. Of course it will not have been compressed in size due to no back-up, but at least you will have a COPY of it for a Back-up.

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