Customizing Form Borders, Fonts and Colours in QuickBooks

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 In the last article I changed the width of the phone number and Quantity field. What was left to do was to line-up the phone number field with the left border of the address field.

In this QuickBooks exercise, I will change the font, border, show you how you can change the colour of the Background and in the text fields.

By now you should know how to open up the Layout Designer window with the template that you want to edit. If not, choose Lists/Templates/My New Invoice/Edit Template/Layout Designer.

There are two ways to open up the Properties window. Clicking on the phone number field and then right click on my mouse will open up another small window where I will choose Properties.  This opens up the Properties window where I can change the Text, Border or Background by clicking on any of those tabs.

I could have also clicked on the Properties icon, which sits on a row of icons that also includes Add, Copy, Remove, etc., on the top of the screen.

First I need to left justify the phone number, so in the Text tab and underneath the Justification column, I will click on the Left button. Next I need to change the Font and in that same window I will click on the Font tab which opens up the Example window. From the Size column I will choose 12.

If I want to change the Font Type and Style, I could also change that from this window. The screen shot up above shows you what the window looks like.

The Border tab is my next choice. To remove the border from the phone number field, I need to un-check the four Border boxes that you see in the screen shot to your right.

I can also change the Background colour of the field, which I will let you experiement with.

I did some extra cosmetic changes to this form by changing the fonts and colour in the Company, Address and Phone number fields. To do this I clicked on the appropriate fields, then Properties, clicked on the Colour tab and chose the Royal Blue from the colours. I repeated the steps for the Address and Phone Number fields.

If I wanted to change the whole colour scheme of the form, I would do so in the Basic Customization window. From the Select Colour Scheme: field, I can choose one of six colours and then to see how this looks I will click on the Apply Colour Scheme tab. The changes will take place before your eyes and you will see what it looks like in the Preview section.

Word of warning here – this would also change the Blue colour to the Company name, Address and Phone number that I had did within the Layout Designer (as per below), as it over-rides that function.

I also changed the Font to Arial in all the fields and the above screen shot is how it should look. To see how this invoice would look I would click on the Print Preview tab in the Basic Customization window. To  save all of the changes I clicked on OK and OK to leave the Customization window.

With the finished product I removed some of the borders from the top and footer sections of the Invoice form. This is how it looks.

I would suggest that you experiment with the customization to obtain a finished form that appeals to your taste.

Remember, if you don’t have the time than you can get a hold of me to customize your forms.

Next up – Using QuickBooks Letters. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can choose Options/Mobile formatted and the site will appear in all its living colour for you to view. Check it out.

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