Customizing Forms in QuickBooks – Changing Field Widths

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Following up on the previous QuickBooks exercise, where I moved the phone number beneath the address field, I will now start the process of changing the field width and lining up the phone number, with the border of the address. Once again using the My New Invoice template, I will Edit Template and then click on the Layout Designer tab to start this function.

I will select the phone number field and drag the right border to the right so that its border lines up with the right address border. This should now look like the screen shot up above.  

Since this company will only use a maximum of two characters, I need to reduce the Quantity field which will also increase the Description field. So, I will click on the Qty field, position the cursor on the line that divides the Qty and Description field, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the column line to the right about an inch and then release the mouse button.

The screen shot to your right should now resemble this.  Don’t forget to click on OK to save your work, then OK again to exit the Basic Customization window.

Next up – Changing Fonts, Borders and Colours. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can choose Options/Mobile formatted and the site will appear in all its living colour for you to view. Check it out.

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4 Responses to “Customizing Forms in QuickBooks – Changing Field Widths”

  1. hello, love from finland. your post looks great. Mind if i quote it in my blog?

  2. Is there a way to decrease the width of a column without increasing the width of the one next to it? For some reason my columns expanded (on their own somehow) enough to go beyond the printing margins, so I want to simply decrease the width of some of the columns (Qty for example) in order to make that whole section of columns less wide.

    • Nevermind, I figured it out; it was embarrassingly simple. When I initially grabbed the little black box to shrink the whole section I must have actually grabbed the line to move the section over instead. But thank you for the help I am sure you were eagerly ready to give 🙂

      • Larry Johnson says:

        It’s all in my blog. A search would have guided you through your problem. Customizing a template.

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