E-Mailing and Printing an Invoice in QuickBooks

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Email from Customer screen

I left off the last segment with an invoice having been created, and now it’s time to email and print the finished product.

There are several ways to retrieve the invoice that you created. First, you can go to the Home page, click on Customers tag, highlight the Customers name that you created the invoice for, then highlight the invoice and double click. This will take you to the Create Invoice screen.

The other way is to tag the Create Invoice icon then click on Previous until you find the invoice.

Once you are in the. From  Create Invoice screen, if you look up just above the class field you will see an envelope icon, and to its right the word Send and next to it a drop down arrow. Click on the arrow and choose E-mail Invoicehere QuickBooks should direct you to your email provider, and for this example I am using Outlook or Outlook Express.

If it did not direct you to Outlook then the Information Missing or Invalid screen will pop up. If it does, just enter the Customers email address and click on OK. Whether you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, QuickBooks will then take you to the Message screen in Outlook.

There you will see the QuickBooks invoice as a PDF attachment. You can customize the text that starts with Dear Customer, then click Send and you will have taken care of emailing the invoice.

It’s best to check in your Outlook Mail Folders to make sure of transmission. If it has somehow still not been sent but instead is sitting in your Outbox, then click on Outbox and send it.

You may run into another problem if you are using a Gmail or Yahoo account. There is a possibility that you have had your email directed from Outlook to Gmail. Outlook should then direct you to another screen called Enter Network Password.

This password is for your Gmail or other email provider account and once you enter it in, then your email will be sent. This long route will only occur if you are using another email provider than Outlook.


Your next step is to print a copy of the Customer’s invoice for filing. There are a multitude of  ways you can do this. First open up the invoice in the Create Invoice screen, find the word Print, click on the arrow, and Print.  This will take you to your Print Invoice screen where you will chose the printer that works for you.

The other way is to go to your Menu bar, click on File, Print Forms, Invoices, in the far left column make sure the check mark is there on the invoice you want to print and click on OK. This will also take you to your Print Invoice screen.

Print the invoice and file it away.

Make a reminder to yourself of the location where you saw the Print Forms (Menu bar – File) because you will use this to print many other QuickBooks functions such as Cheques, Pay Cheques, etc.

The invoice has been sent to your Customer and then as we speed through the 30 days or so waiting period, the next step will be to Receive Payments. This will be covered in the next segment.

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6 Responses to “E-Mailing and Printing an Invoice in QuickBooks”

  1. When you print invoices, can you print in triplicate? I’m trying to avoid using a dot-matrix printer. I’d rather use a laser printer with tri-color collated non-carbon paper. Will QuickBooks make multiple copies like that?

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Hi Greg, the only way I know how, would be to key in 3, in the Number of copies box, when you enter the Print One Invoice window. Hope that helps.

  2. I am trying to send an email I and keep getting the question about “Information missing or invalid” and QB keeps asking for email addresses.
    I don’t want to get this window. That’s why I setup outlook, because all of my email addresses are there. It would be impossible to remember all of my customer’s emails.
    Is there a way to make this window be skipped? and go onto outlook just as expected?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rafael, QB’s takes its information from the email address field that you set up in the Customer and Vendor Information section. Make sure it is in there. Let me know if that solves the problem. Also, see my blog on Email set up in QB. Use the Search on my site.

  3. Hi

    Is it possible to print all the invoices for one client without opening each one. I need to print invoices spanning 10 years for a client.


    • Hi Lorna, That’s a very good question, one I’ve never been asked. My answer to that would be no, because you need to open each one to tag the Print later box.

      Then you go to the top of the page in QB’s (menu bar) and select File/Print Forms/Invoices/Select All/OK and make sure you see the correct printer in the Print Invoices page. Load the print tray and print away.

      I did try to go to the Customers in the menu bar and choose Create Batch Invoices but it would only take more time because it wants you to select all the line Items used, and depending on your industry and how you create invoices – that may take literally a whole day – or two.

      In saying that, there may be a way of exporting the Customer transactions to Excel and setup a print all function for the invoices, but… it would have to have that field available, because that info would have to then be imported back into QB’s. I would locate a ProAdvisor in your area and ask that person whether that is even possible. Ask that question upfront, because if they have never done it, you might be paying for their time to experiment with the task.

      Hope that helps.


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