Email Set up in the new 2012 QuickBooks – Part 2

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Boy, QuickBooks changes this as they update the new releases. I had an earlier blog about how to set up your email by having to go through Microsoft’s Outlook ,but enough customers must have complained to QuickBooks, so here’s the latest version.

Go to your Menu Bar/Edit/Preferences and choose Send Forms. Click on My Preferences which will open up the window that is displayed here. 


Click on the Auto-check box, then the button that says Web Mail (Hotmail/Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Others).

NOTE: Not all ISP providers will work such as as well as Road Runner and

Next click on the Add tab below the box which will open up your Add Email info window. Fill in the Email Id and your Email Provider. The SMTP Server Details should fill in automatically for you, then click on OK.

Your screen should look like the one on the right, except you may be using a different Email Provider than me. If you need to add, edit or Delete the current default then click on those tabs, otherwise click on the OK button to save, and then OK. QuickBooks will then tell you that it has to close all the windows to update.

Now wasn’t that so much easier?

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10 Responses to “Email Set up in the new 2012 QuickBooks – Part 2”

  1. Thank you! I tried all your recommendations. After hours of changing settings and figurations and still no success in emailing invoices, I had to call to get help in setting up our businesses email and was notified that my ISP email, as well as Road Runner and, is not supported at this time. Intuit is looking into fixing this in the future but could not tell me when. I hope this helps others.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Hi Hollie, thanks for the update on some of the ISP email providers that will NOT work.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      PS.I have added those ISP Providers that are NOT supported by Intuit to the blog in question.

  2. Hi, I have a client with QB Pro 2012, and our server requires SMTP auth / SSL. My client says there are no such settings in his QB program. Is that true? He is trying to use Other, which is Our tech says:
    SMTP server requires authentication (a username and
    password) and it requires SSL. If your software is not able to use
    authentication and SSL it won’t be able to send through the new mail

    Any way to jury rig QB to use SSL? Kinda weird that a financial program doesn’t allow SSL connections. Thanks,

  3. I have upgraded to 2012-2013 andI need to reset up to email invoices but in QuickBooks Easy start 2012-13, when I go to menu bar then edit I do not have a preferences option at the bottom (or anywhere in this section). Can you tell me where I need to go as I really need to be able to email my invoices.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Hi Sandra, unfortunately I do not support QB Easy Start. I have only come across customers using Easy Start about 3 times in all my years of practice. Try your QB Help tab which should direct you to the Customer Forum.

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