1. How is the QuickBooks training set up and what is covered?

When I teach the QuickBooks course in school, it is usually taught in two to three hour segments. The course can be anywhere from 10 to 18 hours in duration, with possible follow ups and support by me. The follow up is to help make sure that you are working with QuickBooks correctly, after you have completed your training.

In QuickBooks the modulars that can be covered are: How to correctly setup QuickBooks, Vendors (Accounts Payables), Customers (Accounts Receivables), Employees (Payroll), Banking, Company and Inventory. Not all types of businesses have Inventory or Employees, which is why the amount of hours vary.

But in saying all  that, I have condensed my training to be able to to teach you the Customer, Vendor and Company modulars in 3 hours! Yes you read that right – 3 hours! I will have you operational and you will be able to perform the tasks needed to work with QuickBooks. .

2. Where will the training be conducted?

One on one training can be conducted at your location, mine or virtually (remote). Depending on where you reside, I would visit you for the first one or two sessions. If you live any further than a half hour drive then the rest of the training would be done virtually (remote).

3. Why virtual (remote)?

That’s because I live in downtown Vancouver and the fee for training people that live further away than half an hour drive would have to be increased, and I am trying to keep your costs down. I have done virtual work with people in other parts of Canada (Alberta and Ontario), and the United States (Indiana and California).

4. How does the virtual (remote) training work?

As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, I have access to a program that allows me to send you an email to set up your computer (QB’s Remote Access link). Once you set it up and I make a connection to the Remote Access, I can see your QuickBooks screen and what you are doing. We can then converse via phone (land line), Gmail phone, magicJack, or Skype. If you also have a web cam then we can also use that, but that’s up to you.

5. If I do virtual (remote) training, how do I pay you?

I now only accept Interac e-transfer deposits and payments.

6. What is the cost of this training and/or support?

Fees are $65 per hour for QB’s on-site or virtual training (includes telephone support).

There is a minimum charge for QB’s on-site training/consultation of two hours ($130).  This minimum charge is required prior to the booking of an appointment and is deemed to be a retainer for services. Also, if travel to your location is more than a one half hour drive, then a charge for travel will be added to the minimum charge based on an hourly basis.  For example, one hour to your location and one hour back, would be an extra two hours added to the minimum charge.

Follow-up or phone conversations to do with QB’s (questions or support only) are charged at the same rate as training.

7. What is your fee for online QuickBooks questions?

That depends on the question and the amount of time it would take to answer. My fee per incident is $45 and if it takes more than an hour, then it will cost another $45. The funds would have to be deposited via an Interact e-Transfer before I would begin to converse with you.

The reason that I charge for this time, is due to the fact that I have provided an exorbitant amount of free information on this site.

The fee is no different than when you call up QuickBooks Tech Support, except I answer your call faster.

8. Do you have any terms in regards to payment?

In order to help companies out and give back to the community, I have kept my fees very low in comparison to industry standards. In order to do this my terms are payment upon receipt, which is at the end of every session. Cash, cheque or Interac e-Transfer are the only means of payment that are accepted.

9. Is there a Cancellation Policy?

Yes. Failure to provide 48 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment, will result in a charge of 50% of time booked. Example: if you booked a appointment for three hours, 50% would be one and a half hours, which equals a charge of $97.50 ($65 per hour x 1.5 hrs.). Minimum charge is $65 or one hour.

10. Do you provide any training or consulting other than QuickBooks?

Yes, being an accountant I have also tutored students in basic or first year accounting. I also do business consulting to do with the accounting side. That charge is $55 per hour as stated above.

Since I prefer not to do tax returns, I refer them to a colleague who does, whom I have worked with for over ten years. His fee is $75 per hour.

11. Do I have to have taken a bookkeeping course or be enrolled in an accounting program to take this training?

No. But it helps immensely if you understand the basics of accounting such as debits and credits, what accounts are on a balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and how to correct any bookkeeping mistakes you make in QuickBooks.

I can teach anyone the mechanics of QuickBooks, but the understanding and comprehension of accounting takes longer than a few sessions.

12. What can I expect after I have taken this training from you?

You can expect to have more knowledge, insight and tips than the average person currently working with QuickBooks in the market place. I can assure you of that!

13. How do I contact you?

You can follow this link back to the Home page which has my contact number on it. With that number you can phone or text me.

I will usually respond to you the same day or if not, within 24 hours.

14. Do you answer questions on-line? Yes. This can be done virtually through QuickBooks Remote Access, TeamViewer, or join.me.com.

15. Do you have any references that I can contact?

Yes, if you go to the Clients page on this site you will see a number of companies and people that have web sites or contact information.