How to Edit a QuickBooks Letter

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Having created a letter in QuickBooks, you should now be able to understand that you can make changes to this letter in Microsoft Word, or in the QuickBooks Letter Template. If you recall, I created a letter in the previous exercise (Bounced cheque) and now I will work with the QuickBooks Letter Template to edit it.

From the Home page I will choose Company from the Menu bar and than Prepare Letters with Envelopes. I could have also gone to Customers/Create Invoices/Letters and then chosen Customize Invoice Letter Templates.

A Letters and Envelopes window will open where I will click on the button beside New or Edit Existing Letter Templates and then Next.

I now will have to highlight the Bounced cheque template in order for QuickBooks to open up the letter to edit.

This opens up MS Word where I will click on the Add Ins tab. I will now place my cursor after the period in the first sentence that ends in “insufficient funds” and type in Our records also show that your balance is past due.

At the top of the screen I will place my cursor at the end of <<My Company AddrBlock>> and press the Enter key.

This will create a line for the Phone Number to go on.

From the Insert My Company Fields drop-down list I will select My Company’s Phone Number. QuickBooks will add that to the line that was created, which will sit just below the <<MyCompanyAddrBlock>>.

Once I create letters using the edited QuickBooks letter, QuickBooks will replace the <<MyCompanyPhone Number>> with the company’s phone number.

While still inside Word I will choose Save As and enter in a new file-name called My Bounced cheque and then Save. This is so I don’t overwrite the original QuickBooks Letter.

To now see what this change looks like and how it has affected the final letter, I will close Word, which will take me back to QuickBooks, click Use Template in QuickBooks and then go through the steps and choices that I did in the previous article. Those choices should still be there.

I will unmark All Customers and select Greene, Jeremy again and when I get to the “Choose a Letter Template” screen, select the new name that I have just saved which is, My Bounced cheque. The below is what it will now look like.

Notice the phone number and the sentence that was added in this exercise in the screen shot to your right. 

This ends the segment on Customizing Forms and Writing QuickBooks Letters. I hope that this has been useful to you and that you will incorporate it into your bookkeeping or accounting work. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can choose Options/Mobile formatted and the site will appear in all its living colour for you to view. Check it out.

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