How to Enter a Credit Card Charge in QuickBooks

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Is there really anyone in the business world that does not use a credit card in their business transactions? I mean, it’s just a part of doing business these days and QuickBooks is no exception.

Read on, as I am going to show you how to enter in a credit card charge.

Before I begin, I would make sure that I have a credit card account  and if not, set one up by going to Chart of Accounts, right click on the mouse and choose New. Make sure that this account is a Credit Card type.

As usual, I am going to start from the Home page and click on the Enter Credit Card Charges icon. This will open up the Enter Credit Card Charges screen which appears up above.

Starting from the top left corner of the screen in the Credit Card field, I will make sure I have the correct credit card and then as I tab from field to field, enter in the following information.

  1. Credit Card – Credit Cards:Visa
  2. Purchased From – Dan’s Auto Emporium
  3. Date – 12/31/2008, Ref. No. 1234×567 ( the transaction number on the the credit card receipt)
  4. Amount – 89.95, click on the Expenses tab and choose Vehicles:Maintenance and Repairs
  5. Tax – HBC, and QuickBooks will calculate the
  6. Amount of 80.31 and place the 9.64 in the HST field.

To finish, I will click on the Save & Close tab.

The screen shot on your right shows the transaction journal that QuickBooks created after I saved the credit card charge.

IMPORTANT!! If a credit card charge is being used in job costing, then you would choose the ITEMS tab instead of the Expense tab. Don’t forget to click on the Customer: Job field and choose the appropriate Customer. is now mobile friendly. From the web address you can choose Options/Mobile formatted and the site will appear in all its living colour for you to view. Check it out.

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