Is Kijiji Advertisement Mis-leading the Paying Public?

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Having discovered Kijiji a couple of months ago, I thought I would try it out since it seemed like a more professional way of advertising than Craigslist. Now both of these on-line advertisers are free but Kijiji also has several options to promote your ad portion at a cost.

After trying the free Kijiji advertising for a couple of weeks to see how the traffic was, and how quick the ad would disappear off of page one, I looked at all the options to promote the ads and the cost of those. I started out with the option called Bump Up which when I started using it was only $1.99.

What that did was bump your ad up from say page two or three – back to page one. The ad would remain on page one until the number of new ads would push it to page two and further back as the numbers accumulated. Depending on the amount of new ads and the category, that could be a day or two.

Kijiji must have caught on to the use of that to keep your ad on page one, because they quickly increased the cost of the Bump Up to $2.99 per bump.


After reading that I could have my ad kept on page one for seven days, with the option called Top Ad, I decided to spend the $9.99, which to me seemed like a good deal.

On the left is how Kijiji shows you where and how your ad will be displayed on their site, in that particular category.


On the right at the bottom is their explanation of why that might not happen.

My ad (The Accounting Side of QuickBooks) lasted exactly one day at the top of page one and on the second day was now sitting on page two, as is displayed below.


After emailing Kijiji about this and asking why my ad was now on page two, because my understanding of this advertising was that it would remain on page one for seven days, this is what they said.


Date: 2012-02-01 17:51:59
Name: Maxine


Hello Larry Johnson,

Thank you for contacting Kijiji Canada Support. I will certainly be happy to help, Larry.

I am happy to confirm that your ad is being featured in the Top Ads section. Please note that Top Ads will appear in two separate areas: the top ad section for the particular category the ad is placed in, as well as the general category listings, which I will gladly explain in detail shortly.

At any given time, a maximum of 5 ads will show up in the Top Ads section. Rest assured this is normal. If there are more than 5 such ads in a category, the extra Top Ads will be hidden for a few minutes. After a few minutes, those ads will then show up with other ads being hidden. This rotation system is set up to ensure that your ad is exposed to as many Kijiji users as possible. You can verify that your ad is being featured as a Top Ad by clicking the “See All” link in the Top Ads section.

When you pay for a Top Ad, your ad will also show in the regular list of (free) ads, based on the posted date, in addition to the Top Ads section, for even more exposure. For example, your posted Top Ad will appear when visitors search a main category (i.e. “community”) as well as the sub-category (i.e. “community > activities, groups”).Please note that this feature does not impact your ad’s placement within the regular free chronological listings, and understand that as Kijiji is a very high volume site, ads do not remain static on the same page for long. Within days, new posts push the ads that were previously posted significantly farther back than they had been before. This is especially noticeable in high volume categories or locations. If you would like your ad to be relocated back to page 1 as it was when it was first posted, the “Bump Up” feature does exactly that.

I have bumped up your ad, Larry.

I understand this can be frustrating and some users who feature an ad are unaware of how this rotation affects their ads. We do our best to explain this policy in the terms and conditions when a user attempts to feature an ad on site. Since Kijiji is so popular, we had to come up with a way to ensure fairness for all users, and hence, the rotation system was implemented.

Hopefully I have been able to explain how the rotation system works in relation to featured ads. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding and let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck and thanks for using Kijiji, Larry!

Best regards,

Kijiji Community Support

After the Kijiji response, they pushed my ad back to page one, but that lasted one day again. What I see here is mis-leading advertisement on the behalf of Kijiji, because they are not clear that your ad will be pushed to page two by the second day.

If you are going to use Kijiji’s paid option to promote your ad as a Top Ad, my suggestion to you would be to re-think it. Why spend the $9.99 per week if your ad doesn’t last more than a day at the top of page one, as Kijiji makes you believe it will.

You might as well save the money, submit a free ad, and don’t forget that Craigslist is also free.



5 Responses to “Is Kijiji Advertisement Mis-leading the Paying Public?”

  1. The free ads on Kijiji are still free — always have been.

    If you want your ad near the top but don’t want to pay, you can always delete your existing ad and repost. It’s a bit of work, but it’s still free.

    I addressed the recent price hike on the Top Ad option in a recent article at


    • Larry Johnson says:

      Yeh, you’re right about the freebie, but here I was hoping I could pay and not have to worry about it for a week. Looks like Kijiji and its success is out to gouge the paying public. I’ll have a look at your article. Thanks for your comment.

  2. You all have to realize Kijiji is owned by eBay and that should be enough said. They rule with an Iron fist and treat people like garbage!

  3. uh it’s fairly easy concept to understand. I’ve sold plenty of items on kijiji not using top ad and I still know what top ad is for and how it works. if I want to see the top ads, I click the top ad link which they explained to you in an email. I generally find those items are overpriced though.

  4. I had a look at kijiji and nothing is free unless you want to advertise a text book or one car part. They were free for a while as they were in the growth stage and trying to attract users, they pretty much were so free that they allowed people to post 430 ads for the same product and pretended they didn’t know it or get all the complaints that people sent them. This is of course ebay owned and following in the same footsteps that ebay did, first having a very loose and open platform and then slowly cutting back features and increasing rates as the platform takes off. Today kijiji is a wasteland of scammers and garbage advertisers, whom are mostly kijiji partners or people who buy their business services. The home/personal advertisers aren’t much better, I’ve seen people trying to pawn off 8 year old computers for $800 and other similiar embarrassing ads, this suggests the kijiji user base is either idiots or scammers. Its a broken model that only breeds bad sellers and buyers while kijiji stands back laughing.


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