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As mentioned yesterday, I would be doing a write-up of my findings of the NumberCruncher demo that I did. First, let me tell you that I had the pleasure of doing this remote demo with NumberCruncher’s President and Founder, Ian Benoliel.

I’m not going to go into Ian Benoliel’s profile as this is readily available via Google. Ian and I do have one thing in common though, and that is we are Canadians, but he lives in a much warmer area of the United States than where I reside in Canada.

You see, Ian lives in the sunny state of Florida, Fort Lauderdale area actually, while I live in the Pacific Northwest City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Smart man this Ian, as anyone who has spent their winters in Quebec would tell you, it’s a no-brainer to be in the warmth of Florida – but I digress.

I believe I have found the QuickBooks Inventory Add-on that I had been searching for, in NumberCrunchers – All Orders, which by the way, just happens to be a QuickBooks Gold Developer.

You see, All Orders Inventory Software was designed to add  inventory and order management features to all the QuickBooks versions such as Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2002-2010. Yes, even for Canadian users because we like it too.

Leave it to the Canadian founder to not forget his roots.

After viewing the free trial using a client’s data base, and asking Ian a number of questions, I would have to say that one of the biggest advantages that I found with All Orders, was the user-friendly Home page. If you can’t learn to navigate in this product in a few hours, then you’ve missed the boat.

After checking out All Orders’ main competitor Fishbowl, I can say that All Orders is much easier to use, with it’s simplicity in navigating. Like most QuickBooks Inventory Add-ons, All Orders operates as the front end for the Inventory, while QuickBooks is the back-end accounting department.

You can still process your Accounts Receivable invoices or Account Payable bills from All Orders, which  is done in real-time, or it can be synchronized automatically in timed intervals.



The proof in the pudding for me was the Multi-Currency which I had been looking for. There’s not too many Canadian companies working with inventory that  don’t use multi-currency in their business.

You would think by now that most QuickBooks developers would have the multi-currency feature as part of their program. Not so with Fishbowl and their Canadian version.    

In saying that, Fishbowl does have a feature that All Orders does not. I feel it is important in today’s global business climate and the ever changing currency market, that a choice in costing methods be available for companies.

Fishbowl has a number of costing methods to choose from (LIFO, FIFO, Standard, Average) while All Orders default is FIFO. In All Orders the problem is that QuickBooks costing is based on the average method, which means the All Orders FIFO is only useful while in – All Orders.

For you Canadian users, All Orders does  recognize all the different taxes that we use in Canada such as the GST and HST.

In order to cover everything that NumberCruchers All Orders has, I would have to write a book.  I will leave you with this link to check it out yourself.

Oh by the way, tell them that you read about this top-of-the-line product from Larry, and he says bon jour eh!

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