NumberCruncher’s Inventory Goes Further with All Orders

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This is one product that I have written about previously and I can’t say enough good things about it. So I thought I would update you with this following excerpt from my colleague at NumberCruncer. If you are a manufacturer in the food industry, then you will really find this Lot Tracker extremely helpful.

Advanced Inventory & Order Tracking

All Orders by NumberCruncher is a comprehensive inventory and order management system designed for Quickbooks® that helps you make better business decisions. In purchasing, shipping and receiving, order entry, production, and inventory control, All Orders by NumberCruncher give the business owner, manager and accountant the tools to do their tasks faster, easier and more efficiently. Read More…
Manufacturing Nirvana

QuickBooks® does not handle the complexities of the manufacturing process but All Orders does. With All Orders you can track raw materials through the various stages of production, change the raw materials being allocated on the fly, track time, track labor, split orders to move partial quantities to the next step of production, and so much more. With the advanced Bill of Materials you can create variable builds, easily nest multiple assemblies and then drill down or flatten them for production, and track your costs and profits properly. You can even batch generate orders for production based on reorder points or deficiencies. With 1,000+ small businesses using All Orders + Quickbooks® for their inventory needs, All Orders is flexible enough to fit even the most unique of production processes. Read More…

Location Tracking

Tracking inventory in multiple locations is a snap with All Orders. An infinite number of locations can be setup where goods can be received to, shipped from, and produced in. You can even track locations within each of your locations whether they are bins, racks, pallets, service trucks etc… Transfer inventory between locations, route raw materials in the production process between locations, specify units at locations as unavailable for sale and then run one of multiple reports, giving you each locations inventory status at your fingertips. Read More…
Lot/Serial # Tracking

One of the most pressing requirements of manufacturers is the ability to track Lot/Serial #s. Tracking exactly how each unit comes into and goes out of inventory along with a trail of where it has been is essential. All Orders includes full Lot/Serial # tracking with expiration dates, multiple reports, easy Lot/Serial # lookup and more. Whether being received, produced, shipped, adjusted etc… All Orders has Lot/Serial # tracking built into every aspect of the inventory system. Read More…
Reports 2.0

The All Orders reporting engine gives decision makers a custom window into their data. With 100+ reports packaged with the system, a plethora of information can be had by running reports right out of the box. These include sales, purchasing, inventory tracking, production and many other reports. All repots can be exported to PDF, HTML, Excel and RTF. In addition custom reports can easily be generated giving you access to the information you need the way you need it. Add new fields, images, formats, sorts, filters and more. With All Orders, not having access to the report you need will be a thing of the past. Read More…
Even More… In addition to streamlining production, All Orders comes with hundreds of additional, powerful features right out of the box. A small sampling includes:

FIFO Costing • Advanced Kitting
• User Friendly Interface U.S. Based Tech Support
Orders w/ Release Dates • Capacity Reporting
Mobile Add On Web Add On
Ship Via FedEx, UPS, USPS • Back Order Processing
Cycle Counting • Batch Shipping
Reorder Analysis Batch Purchasing
Fully Bar Code Capable • Global “Find” Screen
Eliminate RDS • Multiple Vendors Per Item
Extensive Documentation Video Tutorials
• API Advanced Custom Fields
Open, Scalable Microsoft SQL Server Back End
Bidirectional Quickbooks® Syncronization
Multiple Shipping Addresses Per Customer
And More!

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