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This tip is directed towards the owner/operator of any business that bills time to its customers. Say you are the owner of a landscaping firm, but you also do the drawings and oversee the project work.

Obviously your time is valuable and you would like to bill some of this time back to the customer. Besides that, you need to track that time to see if the amount that you are investing into each job, and if your estimated billable time – is correct.

Otherwise, you are overstating your profit margin, because you have provided free labour to the job in the form of your time.

Here’s how I would set this up.


From the Home page Employee module, click on on the Enter Time icon and select Use Weekly Timesheet. This will open up the Weekly Timesheet window where I will create a new name called Project Manager. That name could also be your name.

From the drop-down window list, I will choose Other, since I don’t want the Project Manager (you) to be an Employee or a Vendor. From there I will key in the hours that the Project Manager (you) has accumulated for each job during that week and Save & Close.

When it comes time to bill the Customer Job for that time, I will find the amount in a Report. That report is found by going to the Menu Bar/Reports/Jobs, Time & Mileage/Time by Name.

One more window to go which is the Time by Name. I would ModifyReport/Filters/Name and then start typing Project Manager, and when it came click on OK. The resulting report is shown below.


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2 Responses to “QB’s Quik Tip – Tracking the Project Manager’s Time – You”

  1. Job Profitability reports that track time are something I’m trying to create in QB and I’m not having any luck; maybe you can help?

    The business is an engineering firm that does contract work; the principal and consultants work on a “get paid when we get paid” basis and there isn’t a payroll created… Is it possible to track time in QB and have the time and time VALUE show against a particular customer job?

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