QuickBooks 2010 is Unable to Load all Tax Configuration

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This is an excerpt from Intuit Canada.
Some QuickBooks 2010 users might get the following error message when accessing the HST Setup Tool:

“Could not load all the tax configuration. One tax item, account, agency or code may already present in the company file”

Why is this happening?

This error message is an indication that QuickBooks is unable to decipher your current tax configuration and cannot launch the HST set up tool. Common causes are duplicate, inactive, missing, or incorrectly set up Sales Tax Codes, and Sales tax items on the company file.

How can I fix this issue?

Users will have to review their sales tax code list and item list to ensure that the required items and codes are on the company file. Once the necessary sales tax codes and items are in the file the HST setup tool will run without any errors.

For more information on how to setup your sales tax and change you current configuration you can get in touch with your QuickBooks Trainer.

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