QuickBooks 2012 News – Email Directly from QuickBooks

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Does this screen look familiar?
Finally, after me explaining to you about how to email your invoices, estimates and other documents through MS Outlook, via your other webmail provider, QuickBooks has finally caught up to technology with the release of the 2012 QuickBooks.
This has been so frustrating having to use Outlook to send those invoices. I don’t know how many times I got busy, only to find that I had forgotten to send the invoice sitting in Outlook Outbox, as displayed above.
I haven’t used Outlook for my webmail for several years, so it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to not log into it.
All together now, and let the cheers break out,  no more having to login in to Outlook just to send that email generated in QuickBooks, because now with the new webmail intergration, it will allow you to send right from QuickBooks directly, using your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo business account.
I should be receiving my 2012 QuickBooks version next week, and at that time look for my new audio/video posts for guidance on how to set the webmail integration up.

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