QuickBooks 3 Tips to Start 2012

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Intuit has a sale on right now that you should consider. Not only will you recieve 20% off of the editions such as Pro, and Premier, but the discount also applies to payroll and they’re throwing in unlimited access to QuickBooks Experts.

I realize the later part of that statement is in direct competition with me, but this deal is such a savings that I just couldn’t let that stop me from telling you about it.

The below is the information from Intuit’s site, which I have attached a link to.


Make 2012 the year you spend more time on your business and less time on your books by following these tips:
1. Organize your finances all in one place.
Get a clear picture of your business finances, save time on invoicing and track sales and expenses. Payroll also integrates with QuickBooks, so in only a few clicks you get a complete view of how your business is doing at any time.
2. Prepare year-round for year-end.
QuickBooks tracks and manages the taxes so you avoid the frenzy of tax time. Send your files to your accountant electronically, saving both of you time! GST/HST remittances are just as easy – you can even eFile right from QuickBooks.
3. Pay employees with ease and confidence.
Pay employees quickly and easily track remittances. It’s more cost-effective than outsourcing, and you will enjoy the peace of mind of being accurate and up-to-date.

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