QuickBooks Advanced Inventory for Canada?

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There may be a possibility that Canada may get access to the Advanced Inventory, which is now available in the United States. I was speaking to an Intuit Enterprise contact and he told me that they are working hard to get their development department to launch that possibly for next year (2013).

Word has it that Intuit has been losing business due to the fact that that the current Inventory module, that is available in Premier and Enterprise Solutions, just doesn’t meet the requirements for a lot of businesses.

Simple requests like multiple inventory accounting methods, besides the standard – average which QuickBooks uses (like FIFO would be a nice alternative) and multiple warehouse locations, that those editions do not contain, is driving clients to seek other Inventory alternatives. Like the top dog “Number Cruncher’s – All Orders“. This software I have already given kudos to and you can see that by looking at my Home page which has a link to it.

Just some quick news I thought you Canadian QuickBook users would like to know about.

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