QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory: The Canadian Problem

Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in News Updates | 4 comments

Although Fishbowl Inventory is a great product for the U.S. client base, that can not be said for the Canadian QuickBooks users. After playing around with Fishbowl’s demo model, I would recommend it if you are a U.S. client but the problem that the Canadian user will find, is that it does NOT have MULTI-CURRENCY.

So you Canadian Inventory users, if you deal with U.S. Customers, or see yourself venturing into the U.S. market, stay away from Fishbowl until their software people decide if there is a large enough demand for their product in Canada, and add that feature.

I was told be Fishbowl’s excellent sales people that this currency problem can be made to work, but it is a tedious task. Kudos to the Fishbowl people for being straight-up with me.

Fishbowl also has very competent technical support – who speak fluent English, and with their ability to remote access your computer, can help set up their software and train your personnel.

In singing the Fishbowl praises, for me, it either works or not. The customer does not need any more headaches when they are trying to learn a new piece of software.

With Fishbowl being the front-end of the integration, and QuickBooks working as the accounting end, most of the time you will be working with the Fishbowl screen. From my side this appears to be quite functional, once you get a handle on where all the operational areas are, and what, and how they perform.

I like the ability of tracking the job costing on more than one Assembly Build on a Sales Order, being able to use different costing methods (FIFO, Standard, Average) and the numerous reports that you can generate from Fishbowl.

Suffice to say, when and if Fishbowl ever addresses the needs of the Canadian market, then maybe we as Canadian QuickBooks ProAdvisors can recommend their product. Until then Canadian users – don’t bother.

I have found an Inventory package that integrates with QuickBooks, is multi-currency, and am in the early stages of testing it out. I will have a report for you in the coming week.

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4 Responses to “QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory: The Canadian Problem”

  1. Maury Markowitz says:

    Given the way manufacturing works today, the constant lack of this functionality (after years of talking about it) is particularly mystifying – surely some of their US customers are buying parts from China?

    • Larry Johnson says:

      Maury, it’s about the money & volume. Canada doesn’t warrant that multi-currency in their eyes. So I then recommend NumberCruncher – All Orders, which has that capability and more. For me it’s a better product all around.

  2. Fishbowl’s latest offering now supports multi-currency

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