QuickBooks Estimates – Adding a Change Order

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Part three on the Estimates features Adding a Change Order. Any business that does estimates like a home renovator, manufacturer or any other type will find this feature useful. You will be able to add or delete any of the changes and this feature will also give you a running total of what was done.

This is actually better than creating duplicate estimates to accomplish the same task. Here’s how this is done in QuickBooks.

The screenshot displays an estimate that was originally $5,000 for carpentry and a change has been made to add another $1,000 to the carpentry. I will now click on the Save and Close and the next screenshot will display the screen to Add that Change Order.

Once I click on Add, the change will appear as shown in the screen shot below.

This now allows you to keep track and edit the text of any current or future Change Orders in an Estimate.

NOTE: The Change Orders feature is not available in QuickBooks Pro.

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