QuickBooks Estimates: Multiples, Find, Creating Invoices, and Reports

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Once again I am using the QuickBooks sample company for this exercise.

There will be times when you may have already given an estimate to a Customer, when they will notify you to say they would like another one done with an addition or deletion of an item. Now depending on the volume of your business it may be difficult to locate. So let’s take a look on how to accomplish that.

From the Home page, click on the Estimates icon and when it opens up look at the top bar that says Previous and scan across until you locate the magnifying glass icon, which is the Find feature. Upon clicking it the Find Estimates window will open and since I am using an Estimate I created in the previous segment, I will type in the name and click on Find. This will open up the estimate that was created for Jason Cioran.

To create a duplicate, place your cursor near the Date or Name/Address field and right click your mouse. That will open up a box with the Duplicate Estimate choice. Highlight that choice and click.  This Duplicate Estimate will have also been assigned a new Estimate number.

In this example, the Customer had been given an estimate for 50 mini Stanley Cups but has decided to also add the League Fees to it also. So underneath the Item column, I will click on the drop down box, locate the League Fees Item, highlight it and click on it. This will add this item to the Estimate.

Save & Close will save this new Estimate, duplicated from the original.

Finally the Customer has approved the second Estimate and it’s time to invoice them.

From the Customer Centre I will highlight the Customer Jason Cioran, chose New Transactions and then Invoices. In the Create Invoice window the cursor will be resting in the Customer: Job field, where I will press the Tab key.

This will open up the Available Estimates screen which will display the Number 1 and 2 Estimates. Since the number 2 was the last one I made and want to use, I will highlight and click on the OK tab.

This will open up the Create Progress Invoice Based on Estimate screen where I have three choices. I am going to choose the default – Create invoice for the entire estimate (100%). You would have to choose whatever is applicable to your needs.

To finalize this exercise, I will make sure that the Template field at the top right hand corner has the Progress Invoice in it and if not, click on the drop down box, locate it, highlight it and click on it. In the bottom left hand corner, make sure to click on the two boxes – To be printed and To be e-mailed and then on the Save & Close tab.

Now that you created these Estimates you will need to see what they look like in a Report. To do this you can use the Menu Bar at the top of your screen that starts with File on the left hand side of your screen. Scan across until you find Reports, then highlight Jobs, Time & Mileage and you will see five different reports that have to do with Estimates.

Since I  created a Job Progress Invoice I will choose the Job Progress Invoices vs Estimates report. The report that will most likely be very important to you might be the Job Estimates vs Actuals Detail (for one job).

You have now learned how to Find an Estimate, Duplicate it, Create an Invoice from an Estimate and view it in Report form.

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