QuickBooks Inventory – Assigning Measure Sets – Part 22

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In Part 21, I created a measure set for Area for the QuickBooks sample company White Ridge Construction. White Ridge also buys and sells other items, and with that, uses different measurements.

So, I could create a measure set for Length (inch, foot, yard, etc.), Count (each, box, case, dozen, etc.) or anything else that pertains to the business requirements.

Once I create the measure sets, I will need to review the items on the Item List and assign the unit of measure set to use for each item. In this example I will use just one item to accomplish that task.

Here’s how I would go about doing that using the sample company data.

As usual, I will start off at Home/Items & Service icon, which opens up the Item List screen. There I am going to highlight the non-inventory part called Wood Flooring, right click on my mouse and Edit Item.

From the Edit Item window I will Tab down to the Unit of Measure field, and from the drop-down menu select Area by the square foot. Click on OK and close the Item List.

Next up – Using U/M on Sales Forms.

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