QuickBooks Inventory – Building Finished Goods – Part 13

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In the last segment (Part 12), I defined the assembly items which define the pieces you build. It is now time to enter in the build. In this exercise, with the sample company that I have been using, I will build two exterior door kits for the sample company.

These are the steps to build an inventory assembly:

From the Home page and in the Company section or for some of you it may be the Vendor section, click on the icon Build Assemblies.

In the Build Assemblies window and in the Assembly Item field, I will choose from the drop down list, Exterior Door Kit.

In the Quantity to Build field, I type 2.

QuickBooks would then post a Warning message if I did not have sufficient items on hand to complete a build.

In that case, if I chose to build this assembly, and there were not enough components in inventory to build the two Door Kits, I can postpone this build by marking it as pending. If I don’t mark this build as pending, I would have to reduce the number of assemblies, or I won’t be able to save the build.

As you can see by the screen shot, there is enough inventory so I can proceed with the build. I will then click on the Build & Close.

To understand what has happened after the build, I have inserted a screen shot of the Item List so that you can see the changes in the Quantities.

These screen shots are hard to view sometimes so I will tell you what has changed. The following were reduced: Exterior Frame by two, Brass Hinges by six, Doorknobs – Locking by 2 and Exterior Wood Door by two.

The Exterior Door Kit was of course increased by two, since that it is what was built.

When you build an assemby item, QuickBooks decreases the correct number of the individual items from inventory and increases the number of inventory assemby items. The inventory assest value of the component items and its value, is transferred to the assembly item.

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