QuickBooks Inventory – Enable the Unit of Measure – Part 18

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As mentioned in Part 17, you can assign different units of measure (U/M) to different items, but each item can only have one U/M. Before you can assign one you need to Enable the Unit of Measure (U/M).

In QuickBooks, to check if this has been done, proceed to Home page/Menu Bar/Preferences/Items & Inventory/Company Preferences and under Units of Measure, check to see if the Enable Tab is still visible. If it is not, then the Unit of Measure has been Enabled.

If the Enable Tab is still visible, then click on the Enable Tab.

From there this will open up a screen that is similar to the screen shot above, where you can click on the button for Single or Multiple U/M.

As I mentioned previously, you need to have thought this out carefully concerning which U/M you will use. Otherwise if you went back to change – say, Multiple to Single mode, you would receive this Warning. In case you can not read this screen shot, I will type this out for you to read.

Warning. Changing Unit of Measure feature to Single U/M Per Item causes all quantities, prices and costs to be shown in base units only. This change affects both saved and future transactions. Are you sure you want to turn off this feature? Yes/No.

Next up – Setting up a Single Unit of Measure to an Item

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  1. I visit your site all the time. I love your articles and blogs

  2. Quite useful submit, I will surely come back.

  3. Dear respective sir,

    i am using pro version of quick book, unit of measure is off how can i enable unit of measure.

    Sincerely thanks


  4. How can i enable unit of measure?


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