QuickBooks Inventory – Labour Item for Assemblies – Part 10

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There will be many occasions when you sell a product that will require labour, in order to assemble it. Thus the need for an item called “Assembly Labour”. You should by now have enough information from this site on how to create an item, but in case you are just joining in to this Inventory segment, I will guide you through. Just follow my steps.

Go to your Home page, at the top is your Menu Bar. Click on Lists/Item List/ right click on your mouse/New/Service. In the Item Name/Number field type in Assembly Labour. Tab through to the box that says This service is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner.

Check that box. Two new boxes in this window will appear – Purchase Information and Sales Information.

In the Description of Purchase Transactions box type in Direct Labour. Once you tab this will add that description to your Sales Information box also.

Tab to the Cost field and enter in 20.00 and then Tab. In the Purch Tax Code field I will enter in the code for HST BC, which is HBC. In the Expense Account I will use Payroll Expense and tab to the Sales Price where I will mark up this 20% to 24.00, HBC for the Tax Code and choose Construction Income for the Income Account.

Clicking on OK will save that item.

Next up, Creating Inventory Assembly Items

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