QuickBooks Inventory – Managing Pending Builds – Part 14

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Now that I have mentioned about pending builds in Part 13, I will discuss managing them. Just to refresh your memory – if there were not enough components in inventory to build the two Door Kits, I can postpone this build by marking it as pending.

This “Pending” will then appear in the Build Assemblies window to remind me that these assemblies have not been built.

Assembly builds that are finalized can change to pending, if any of the following occur:

modify or delete a previous build transaction

  • change inventory quantities
  • change the dates of sales receipts, purchase orders or invoices
  • the quantity of at least one component drops below the quantity needed to build a specified number, on the build date.

You can view these pending builds by going to your Menu Bar/Reports/Inventory/Pending Builds.

If you do have enough components in stock to build the assembly, you can also choose to manually mark it as pending, which will postpone the build until a later date. This would be used if you needed to complete the information on some of the component items.

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