QuickBooks Inventory – Selling Finished Goods – Part 16

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I mentioned to you in Part 13 about the QuickBooks warning if you try and build an assemby without sufficient quantities. Well, the same thing happens if you try and sell more assembled units that you have in inventory. This will change the quantity to a negative if you proceed.

There have been many times when I have decided to sell the unit anyways, because I knew that an order had been shipped and would be arriving within the next day or two. Thus I would be able to build the assembly unit and sell it.

There are several way to make sure that you don’t find yourself in a negative quantiy for an assembled unit. I covered them back several segments ago, but I will mention them again.

You can set  a Build Point  in the Build Assemblies and also in the Reminders window (if turned on in Preferences), where you would see a list of assemblies that need to be built.

Next up – Using Units of Measure.

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