QuickBooks Inventory – Setting up Multiple U/M – Part 20

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Once again just a reminder that you need the Premier or Enterprise Solutions version of QuickBooks to utilize this feature.

Rather then repeat the criteria  for using multiple U/M, I will direct you to the link.

When you chose Multiple mode, you are asking QuickBooks to define U/M sets that you can assign to items. This will start out with the smallest unit which is known as the base unit. After that you can have any number of related units.

For instance – you could create a unit of measure called Count by each, with a base unit of each and related units of box (containing 12 each) and a case (containing 36 each).

With Multiple mode you can change or convert the U/M when you enter an item on an invoice or purchase order. Using the above base unit of each for example, lets say you have an item called Widget that has each, box and case as units of measure.

If you entered Widget on an invoice with a quantity of 12 boxes, you could change that U/M to cases where 12 boxes becomes 12 cases or convert the U/M to cases (changing 12 boxes to 4 cases).

With the sample company that I have been using, White Ridge Construction purchases and sells inventory items in different U/M.

To make sure your U/M is in Multiple mode go to the Menu Bar/Edit/Preferences/ Items & Inventory/Company Preferences and in the Units of Measure field, make sure that Multiple is what you see. If it is not, then click on the drop down box and chose it and click on OK.

Next up – Assigning Multiple Units of Measure.

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  1. Why does this u/m have to be so difficult?

    • Hi Bill, if you’re having problems with QB Inventory, go to my blog page and Search for Number Cruncher. It’s more user friendly and a way better product. You should also find more info in my News Update category. it integrates well with QB.


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