QuickBooks Inventory – Using Assemblies – Part Eight

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Assembled items built in QuicBooks is very basic along with its tracking. When you build an assembled unit, the unit is automatically added to your quantity on hand and its inventory items or other assembly items, deducted from quantity on hand.  

By using assembled items, you will always know how many finished products you have and of course the number of items that are in stock.

You decide what the price of the assembled item is going to be because it should be different than the sum of the individual items.

Reports will show you the date the items were assembled, quantity and cost of it and a detailed bill of materials.

It will be up to you to set a build point and from there QuickBooks automatically reminds you to build finished goods when stock is depleting. If you do not have enough component items in stock to build, than QuickBooks will remind you.

In a couple of segments I will show you how to create assembly items. Next up Unique Item markups.

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