QuickBooks Letters and Their Use

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Not many QuickBooks users that I have come across in my twelve years, know about or have incorporated into their daily work, the use of  letters. Maybe that’s because we tend to use email and text messages in this day and age, and letters are a thing of the past.

In saying that, you may still find the need to send a letter to a customer, vendor, employee or to a list of people. With QuickBooks, and the data that it already has, such as the name, address and even balance information, you can easily add this to a letter without having to re-type it.

QuickBooks already provides you with a number of letters that you can use in your business that deal with news, announcements and of course those dreaded collections. These letters can be edited to fit your style of communication and business.  

Now of course in order to utilize this function you need to have Microsoft (MS) Word installed. The following examples that I am using have to do with MS Office Word 2007.

I will take you through a number of uses on how to prepare and edit these letters.

First of all let me tell you of the number of ways that you can start this process of using MS Word. You can go the Menu bar and choose Company/Prepare Letters with Envelopes which opens up a menu of six choices.

I can also start this same process from any of the modules centres such as Vendors, Customers or Employees, click on the their tabs, which will open up the appropriate window. In this exercise using the sample company file, I am going to use the Customer Centre.

In the Customer Centre window just below the blue bar that says Customer Centre, there is a grey bar that identifies a number of tabs. These are: New Customer Job, New Transactions, Print, Excel and Word. They all have drop-down boxes associated with them.

I am going to click on Word, then the drop-down menu and from there choose Customer Letters. This will open up the Review and Edit Recipients window. From there I will click on the Active and Customer button, if they are not already marked.  I then need to click on the Unmark All tab and click on Greene, Jeremy. The screen shot to your left shows you how this would appear. Then click Next.

I then need to choose a template to use which will be “bounced cheque” and then I will click on Next.

In the Enter a Name and Title window, I am going to type in Tom Ferguson in the Name field and President in the Title field. Click Next to move on.

This will bring up a message that says Creating letters..please wait.

When the screen opens up it will be in MS Word as the screen shot shows you on the right. As you are now working in Word, you can scroll through the body and at the botton of the letter, see the name and title that was entered while I was still in QuickBooks.

When I save this letter I have to make sure NOT to save it to the QuickBooks Company Letter Template folder. This folder should only be used to store the original QuickBooks Letters Templates that come installed with the software program.

If I did create some other templates, then I could save it to the Company Letters folder.

To print this letter I would use the Print function within MS Word.

I will save this letter to another folder (Admin Docs) where I store this sample company’s documents and then close the Word program, which will return me to QuickBooks.

Next up – Editing Letters.

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