QuickBooks Premier 2011 Problem – Toggle to Another Edition

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Today’s tip may be only beneficial to the QuickBooks ProAdvisors out there. I ran into an unexpected problem today in regards to the Toggle to Another Edition feature located under File. It would not change the Premier Accountant’s Edition to the Pro Edition.

So off I went on this long journey trying to solve the matter.

First I went to Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs to see if I could Repair the QuickBooks 2011 version that I had installed. For those of you that maybe have never used this function, QuickBooks gives you a choice of Repair or Uninstall.

I thought I would try Repair first and chose it.

About three quarters of the way through I receive an Error 1328. Error updating file. C:\Config.Msi\PT145.tmp System error – 1072807676. The message went on to inform me that I could contact quickbooks support with this link, which was www.quickbooks.com/support/install.html.

Meanwhile on the screen the error gave me three choices which were Abort, Retry and Ignore. I decided to Abort so that I could go to the link to see if there was any explanation on how to fix this error.

So I typed it in and that link took me to a QuickBooks page, and amongst the errors was Error 1328. I read the information which had a number of Solutions to help me through this. They ranged from:

  1. Repair QuickBooks, which of course was not working.
  2. Reinstall QuickBooks, which I had not tried as yet.
  3. Renaming the config.msi folder.

I decided to rename the config.msi folder with the suggested name, which was config.msi.old. Since this is a temporary folder during the Repair cycle, it would revert back to config.msi once the Repair was finished.

Back to the Repair choice again, and again I got the same Error 1328.

I decided then to Uninstall the 2011 Premier Accountant Edition and reinstall it along with the Release R4P Update. I was hoping that this would solve the problem. But when I tried to Toggle to Another Edition, it would not work.

In other words, it did not close down the window and open up with the Pro Edition that I was trying to use.

So after trying to work through this problem and now going on two hours, I decided to give a call to our trusted help at QuickBooks Tech Support.

The support person and I went through a number of steps trying to get to the bottom of it. The first one was to go the QB 2011 icon, right click, Properties and under the Shortcut Tab, click on Find Target.

This took me to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2011 where I was to find a file called reboot.bat and run it. This was to check to see if there were any files that had been corrupted during install. This checked out OK.

After another unsuccessful attempt at the Toggle to Another Edition, I was told to go to the Task Manager. If you’re not familiar with that function try Ctrl/Alt/Delete.

Under the Processes Tab, what was found to be the problem, was that several of the QuickBooks files had remained open, that should have closed. They were the qbupdate.exe and qbhelp.exe. and QBDMgr.exe. So each of those files were highlighted and the End Process Tab clicked.

This solved the problem or least I thought so. Oh sure, it changed the edition as you can see from the screen shot, but what was not told to me –  is that you have to start from a certain screen in order for that to work. If not you will be back to the Task Manager/End Processes of the QBDMgr.exe file.

Here is the correct way to Toggle to Another Edition.

You have to start from No Company Open and then File/Toggle to Another Edition, change to whatever your choice is and let QuickBooks close the screen and switch to that edition.

THEN – you can OPEN the COMPANY file. Otherwise you will be back to the Task Manager step that I mentioned above.

I sure hope this blog gets out to help any of the QuickBooks ProAdvisors or the QuickBooks Community, that have encountered this problem. Hey, you learn something new everyday with QuickBooks.

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