QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Audit Trail

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This tip is for people in senior accounting positions or owners of the company, that oversee workers in junior positions. There is a function in QuickBooks that keeps track of all types of transactions, voids, deletions and so on. At one time you had to turn it one but the newer versions of QuickBooks have it always-on.

This allows a senior person to see if there has been any changes to the company file data after finishing the month end and specifically if it was not Closed Off. You can find this in Reports/Accountant & Taxes/Audit Trail.

This report will allow you to view not only the change made, but also the date it was modified and who modified it.

This is particularly useful at year-end, when you have to keep the final month open while all the closing entries are being made.

At any time of the fiscal year you can set closing dates & passwords to prevent prior-period changes, and run reports at any time to verify changes.

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