QuickBooks Quik Tip – Custom Fields for Inventory Items

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I would like to deal with a question that was posed to me today. If you have imported an Inventory Item list as an .IIF file into QuickBooks, and if for some reason the list did not import the Custom Fields , how do you add them into QuickBooks? This was a client that had over 6,000 items, and to manual have to add them would take hours.

All you have to do is set the Customer Fields up for one of the Items and then QuickBooks will populate those Custom Fields to the other Items.

To accomplish this you would go to your Item List, double click on on of the items, right click on your mouse to select Edit Item, click on the Custom Fields tab, Define Fields , fill out the fields as in the display on the right, click on OK, then OK and OK.

You will have now added those Custom Fields to all of the Inventory Item List.

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