QuickBooks Quik Tip – Damaged Backup File

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The other day while working on a client’s company file, I discovered a damaged file that had been emailed to me. He had chosen Backup copy instead of Portable company file, but that still shouldn’t have caused a problem with restoring it.

When I tried to do the restore, I kept getting an error message that read restored failed.

So when this happens, how do you know if the QuickBooks company file is damaged? Well, read-on and I will not only tell you, but show you what the file looks like via a screen shot.

I realize that these screen shots are hard to view at times from your end, but it you look real close towards the bottom of the picture, there is a field that starts with File name:.

That field has in it *.QBW. What it should say is the name of the company file that was backed up. For example ABC Company.QBW.

That *.QBW by itself, with no name in front of the QuickBooks extension, is an indication that the company file is damaged. What will have to be done is for the company file to be verified, to see if the data integrity is OK.

It will then have to be backed up as a portable  company file and emailed again. Sometimes if the company file is too large, it will not email and so you would have to back that portable file up to a memory stick or an external hard drive.

So ends the mystery of the damaged file’s appearance.

Footnote: When receiving a backup file via email, save it to your desktop and do a virus scan before restoring it.

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