QuickBooks Quik Tip – Find Feature and How to Use it

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I decided to insert this Find feature as a Quik Tip instead of in the Banking module. Mainly because it is not found in the Banking module. Find is found on the Menu Bar.

You can also set up Find on your Icon Menu to make it easier for you to use.  This feature is particularly useful when you are searching for an amount or a transaction type, within your company data file.

The following is how you would find a cheque in the amount of 500.00 or greater for the Calendar year in question.

From the Menu Bar choose Edit and then Find. This will open up the Find screen where I will click on the Advanced tab.

In the Choose Filter box I will choose Transaction Type from the drop-down box, and then in the Transaction Type drop-down box choose Cheque. From there, I will then choose Date from the Choose Filter section and highlight “This Calendar Year-to-date” as shown on the screen shot below.

I then will choose Amount from the Choose Filter section, click on the button that has >= in front of it and key in the amount of 500.00, which is the amount I am searching for.

My final step is to click on the Find tab which will display all the transactions with 500.00 or greater in them. This is shown in the screen shot on the right.

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