QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Inactive Accounts

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There will come a time when accounts, customers, vendors, items etc. that you have created are no longer in use. Once you have used those named previously in a transaction, you cannot delete them. So what do you do with a 35,000 customer list when only 5,000 are still active?

Well, you can make them Inactive and that will remove them from the current active list and reduce your time searching to find just one.

Let’s take a Customer List for example and I’ll show you how to perform this task.

Go to the Home page/Customers tab which opens up the Customer Centre and the customer list. Highlight a customer that is no longer active and that you do not expect to be using again in the near future. Right click on your mouse and choose Make Customer: Job Inactive.

This will not delete it from your list. If you ever need to see or use it again, you will find it by going to the Customers & Jobs tab and from the View drop down box, choose All Customers. This will show you all Active and Inactive Customers.

This also applies to Accounts, Vendors, Items, Names and so on.

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