QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Print Status Stamp

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I was asked this question recently. How do I give a Customer a receipt for the invoice that they have paid?

You may have noticed that after you have Received Payments and completed Record Deposits, that if you go to the Customers module, highlight a Customer name and double click on an invoice transaction that has been paid, you will notice a  PAID stamp next to the Invoice To box.

So how come I can see it on the screen but when I print the invoice it does not show up?

That’s because you have not checked it off on your Invoice Template. To fix this, perform these steps.

Starting from Home page as usual, look up at the Menu Bar where you will see Lists and click on it, then Templates. Look for your invoice template that you are using, highlight it, right click on your mouse and Edit Template.

This will open up the Basic Customization screen. Let your eyes scan to the bottom section of that page called Company & Transaction Information, and you will see a box that says beside it – Print Status Stamp.

Clicking on that box will make a check mark which will then activate that Status Stamp to be printed when it has been PAID.

If you email an invoice that has been paid, then that PAID stamp will appear in the PDF document that QuickBooks sends. And that’s how you get the PAID stamp to appear on a paid invoice.

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