QuickBooks Quik Tip for the Day – Third Party Software

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If you happen to have a large Customer data base (100 +) that you constantly work with, and is expanding, you may have need for a third party database software like Maximizer or Salesforce. Both these softwares will integrate with QuickBooks, which will keep your Customer Address and Additional Info tabs uptodate .

Just think about it, no more duplication and having to update QuickBooks, every time you add a new Customer or make a sale.

I know that you can not produce an Invoice in Maximizer, since it has no accounting funcition in it, and I am still evaluating whether SalesForce can. Maximizer is a Canadian product so if you are a US customer, you would have to check whether it would integrate with the US version of QuickBooks.

Having gone through hours of trying to setup third party software and QuickBooks, it has taught me one thing, NOT all software that works with QuickBooks US, will work with the Canadian version of QuickBooks.  The integration of third party software is best done by your QuickBooks Trainer.

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