QuickBooks Quik Tip on Previous Reconciled Balances

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Here you thought you had reconciled the previous month’s bank statement and lo and behold, you look at the opening balance for the new month and it’s different. Talk about something that makes you scratch your head!

So how the heck did this change? I grabbed the printed previous month’s reconciled report and it had the correct cleared balance, so what happened and where do I look?

There are a couple of ways that you can check for this discrepancy.

First, as shown on your left, you can view the discrepancy report by going to the Menu Bar/Reports/Banking/Reconciliation Discrepancy, to see what amount has changed and when.

The second, and this is also very important,  if your ending balance is different from the previous month’s ending balance, then check for any cleared transactions, that are now being displayed as uncleared.

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