QuickBooks Quik Tip – Tracking P/R Job Related Costs

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If you are a company that performs a service, in which you want to cost some or all of your employee’s wages to a job, then read on. QuickBooks Timesheet feature in the Payroll module will accomplish this for you, as long as you direct the data that you input.

Using a sample company, I have to make sure and choose a Customer: Job, Service Item, fill in the hours on the particular days worked and remember to check the Billable box. This is displayed on the left.

This information will be pulled into the employees Pay Cheque Detail when you run a scheduled payroll as shown below.

Once you create this paycheck  all the employee costs, which includes CPP, EI and benefits, will be posted to the Customer: Job that you had assigned it to.

The Profit & Loss by Job report as show as on the left, will display the amounts depending on how you have set up your payroll items. In this case the hourly wage and benefits amounts are found in the Employee Labour Job Costs account in the Cost of Goods section, while the CPP and EI costs are in the Expense section under Payroll Expenses.

Either way, you have now captured your Employee costs to the Customer: Job, which you can pass along in your invoices.

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