QuickBooks Quik Tip – Using a Previous Timesheet Made Easy

Posted by on Jul 29, 2011 in QuickBooks Tips | 3 comments

Did you know that if you have an Employee who has a constant rate of pay each pay period, that you can copy a previous Timesheet? Well, yes you can!

To the left is a Timesheet for an Employee that is one of those and it’s so simple, you’re going to wonder how you ever missed it. Read on and I’ll walk you through it.

Go to your Home page and in the Employee module section you will find a Enter Time icon. Click on the down-arrow beside it and choose Use Weekly Timesheet.

In the Name field enter in the Employee’s name that you are going to pay, and click on the tab at the bottom left hand corner called Copy Last Sheet. QuickBooks will then fill in the information that use used on your last timesheet and then you can Save & Close.

It’s that easy! My Timesheet is displayed on the right.

Simple isn’t it?

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3 Responses to “QuickBooks Quik Tip – Using a Previous Timesheet Made Easy”

  1. I use quickbooks to enter our contractors weekly hours. I regularly use the “copy last sheet” feature but i often run into an issue where i will enter hours for one week and then when i move on to the next week and press “copy last sheet” i get an error message reading “could not find earlier time entries for _____”. In my office there are 5 licensed users so i made sure that the server as well as all users had the updated version of QB. Are there any suggestions as to how i can go about in fixing this? its more than annoying when my work gets backed up because i cant complete this simple data entry and it would take even longer to enter all new information for each person. any response would help

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