QuickBooks Quik Tip – Where’s my Company File Gone?

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I’ve had a couple of clients that called me in a panic, after they clicked on the QuickBooks icon and couldn’t find their company file that they had worked on. This happens sometimes when the file has been moved around, which changes the location if not residing on a server.

Even on a server, I have seen the path where the data resides change with a panicking result, but let’s deal with one heart attack at a time.

As this screen shot displays, there are a number of Twin Lions Contracting to choose from – in fact there are four. So how does one know which is the correct company file and why is there more than one?

This multiple company file with the same name could have been moved and restored to a different computer on several occasions. So to make sure it was not confused with the original – it was renamed.

Also when you open a company file, QuickBooks will place it at the top of the list and consider it the default to be used. In order for you to choose the correct company file, so that you do not start working away with the wrong data, you need to focus your eyes on the line the says Location.  This line is located above the three icons that begins with Create a new company.

When you install your QuickBooks on to a computer, QuickBooks places your company file in a Company Files folder that will include in the path – Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files. If it is on a stand alone computer (PC) the prefix to this path may include:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files.

Depending on whether you company file is on a stand alone computer (PC) or on a server, will determine what that path address looks like. So…. the above is just an example.

Back to our problem on hand. If one of those Twin Lions path were to  read C:\User\Tom, then you should be suspicious that this is not the correct company file, as it is not in the QuickBooks\Company Files folder.

The other problem could also arise when the company file was Restored and was placed in the wrong folder (Location), like maybe the Desktop. Now you have a real dilemma unless you are careful to document what date you placed it there.

So……. to make sure you have the correct location of your data, one – be sure it resides in the Company Files folder and

two, make sure you have only one company file residing in that folder with that name, unless the other is clearly renamed.

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