QuickBooks – Units of Measure on Sales Forms – Part 23

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This is the final installment on units of measure and on the Inventory module. It deals with U/M on sales forms using the QuickBooks sample company, White Ridge. This company is going to order the marble for the kitchen remodel.

I am going to order the marble using a purchase order and I will show you how easy I can convert from one unit of measure to another. This of course will be within the same measure set.

From the Home page and in the Vendor section, click on the Purchase Order icon. In the Vendor field I chose Barata’s Building Supplies. Click on the Item field and select Counter.

Since there is a great many items I could also start typing Counter and the closet match would appear. In the Qty field enter 10 with 10 sqm as it appears in the screen shot.

I could have changed it to any of the three choices.

In the U/M field I will click on the drop-down menu which opens up the conversion menu as seen on the screen shot to your right.

QuickBooks uses the default unit that I selected for the purchasing of this item. I could use this menu to convert to other units of measure within the Area measure set that I created in Part 21.

I am going to leave the unit of measure as sqm. To finish I will click Save & Close.

In summation, once I have created a unit of measure set and assigned it to an item, I can convert it to other units of measure within the set, whenever I add an item to a transaction.

This concludes the section on QuickBooks Inventory.

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