2013 – Some of the recent QuickBooks Clients that I have had the pleasure of training and consulting for in Canada (the Greater Vancouver area). Some of this work was virtual training/consulting.

Art Asset – QuickBooks consulting to do with the new Sales Tax for British Columbia. Corrected and fixed the GST sales code, Item Listing for the Sales and Purchases.

Silver Fern Ventures Ltd. – QuickBooks training to do with Job Costing for this home renovation company. The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules were the main focus.

Metrotown Flooring Centre – QuickBooks consulting and planning for the installation and training of the staff for this business.

ECS – E-Criteria Solutions Inc. – QuickBooks training in EasyStart for this new business.

Quinella Auto – This is an Automobile Broker located in Burbaby. The work performed was the QuickBooks Customization of their Invoice.

KanDy Outdoor Flooring – QuickBooks Online Training for this unique company that supplies and installs outdoor flooring.

Pushing – QuickBooks virtual training mainly focusing on the Inventory module. Who would have thought of supplying virtual administration to companies?

2012 – Some of the recent QuickBooks Clients that I have had the pleasure of training and consulting for, in Canada (the Greater Vancouver area; Calgary, AB; Keswick, ON), and in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA; Fort Wayne, IN, Ypsilanti, MI). The U.S. were all virtual training/consulting and many of the Canadian client’s also.

Verbum Domini Apostolate – http://www.verbumdomini.usQB’s virtual consulting. Customer’s question –  how to generate recurring Invoices. Since the Customer only had Pro, it was suggested to upgrade to Premier which has Sales Order, and from that one could make a Memorized Transaction, which could be turned into an Invoice for recurring billing.

Bloom Construction – – QB’s on-site consulting services to do with setting up the Job Costing.

Coast Automation Ltd. – QB’s on-site consulting services to do with the Customer module and Job Costing.

Detecta Systems  Training which incorporated the Customer, Vendor and Company modules and their relationship to the online Banking feature.

Vanguard Mechanical Ltd. – – QB’s training to do with the Customer module and Job Costing.

VA Complete Solutions, Keswick, ON – QB’s virtual (remote) training/consulting. Who say’s this technical world isn’t great. I can train people anywhere in the world, as I did in this case with this company located in Ontario, Canada. So if you’re hesitating because I’m not located where you are – don’t. I’m as close as your computer.

Executive Air – QB’s Sales Tax problem that needed to be resolved to meet the filing deadline. Boy, I sure do meet some nice people in this business.

Kate French – – Consulting with Kathryn on a number of QuickBooks/Accounting transactions and questions. Retail is always a challenge because of the POS and integration with QB’s. Not everyone uses a POS, which makes it extremely difficult.

Dr. Bea – These QuickBooks challenges, you gotta love them! Try this on for size. The client had a QB 2003 company file and now wanted to upgrade to QB Pro 2012. Can’t be done in one conversion. I had to take it through steps, first to 2007, and then to 2012.

Liberty Tax Service, Surrey, BC – QB’s virtual (remote) training/consulting – helping to set up a new company and training in the Customer and Company module’s.

Sugar Plum – This virtual QuickBooks consulting had to do with Inventory assemblies for a variety of their products. Very challenging in that the product (cakes, etc.) are made from large vats and then made into cakes. Units of measure was the key to this problem.

The Woofwww.thewoof.caQuickBooks on-site consulting with a whole lot of dogs to help me. Helped reconcile the year end accounts, including the bank for two fiscal years. Made recommendations to Tony about sales verses labour costs. Go see Tony if you need to board your dog, he’s a great guy.

Sage – QuickBooks virtual (remote) consulting in regards to on-line banking and the need to do bank reconciliations, company file size and bookkeeping needs.

Grounds For QuickBooks training and consulting (both on-site & virtual) to do with the Inventory module and specifically, the setting up of the units of measure for production of the cinnamon buns.

Finally Fit Fitness Solutionswww.finallyfitforever.comQuickBooks training and consulting was this customers specific needs. Specifically, how to set up a Budget.

Varinet Technologies Inc.www.vtivarent.comQuickBooks training and consulting, helping client set up a new company file. Training was completed successfully in the Vendor, Customer, Banking, Company and Employees module.

Bay View Dental Laboratorywww.bvdl.caQuickBooks Pro training and consulting, helping client set up a new company file. Exporting and importing of lists were required in order to expedite this procedure.

Alliance Maintenance Ltd. – QuickBooks Pro training and consulting, helping client set up his company for his industry use and to maximize his use of the modules. – Enterprise Solutions edition – consulting re clients inventory needs and present use of the QuickBooks Inventory module. Recommendations for a third party add-on to accomplish clients goals.

Metro Vancouver Home – Contractors edition – consulting in regards to financial statements for current and previous years, chart of accounts set up, along with reviewing HST and Payroll.

Radec – Contractors edition – consulting, training to do with previous companies data, HST filing and items for billing. – consulting, training using the Enterprise Solutions edition.  Set up the North Vancouver company file, preferences, items, accounts and sales codes .


Budget T-Shirt Co. – – This customer’s company file had grown to large for the edition of QuickBooks that was being used. A new company file was set up by utilizing the exporting and importing feature of all the lists, including the Inventory, Chart of Accounts, Customer and Vendor.

The Goodyman – consulting and training to do with creating a new company.

SAS – Remote and on-site consulting to do with their Inventory setup with Jennifer Smith.

CJ – Training and consulting in three QuickBooks modules.

Twin Lions – on-site training with the owner/operator of the business.

Rapid Computer – on-site QuickBooks training with Suresh. Also, accounting and audit done with recommendations.

Bearmark Design & Landscape – Vancouver. – remote and on-site training done.

Free Enterprise Plumbing – North Vancouver. – remote and on-site training done.

Christian Info Society – Vancouver. – on site consulting/training done.

Renbui Construction – Vancouver. – on-site training/consulting done.

Priority Permits – New Westminster. – on-site training/consulting done.

Pro Crew Painting – Vancouver. – on-site training/consulting done.

Media Elevation – Surrey. – on-site and remote training done.

Asana Canada Ltd. – Vancouver on-site work and training/consulting.

First United Church – Vancouver. – on-site work.