Sales Receipt Bug in the QuickBooks Online Version

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QBO Sales Receipt Screen 1I have encountered a bug in QuickBooks Online to do with entering a Sales Receipt and subsequently receiving payment at the same time. What has happened is that the Customer account amount does not clear off and remains as an Open Balance.

Confusing you say, well it had me scratching my head for a while, so I called Tech Support up. Problem there, was the number to the Canadian Tech Support for QuickBooks Online is being rerouted to the Desktop Tech Support and of course they have no idea about QBO. So after getting a U.S. tech support number for QBO I gave them a call and got a young man who at least knew what I was talking about.

We proceeded to look at why this amount of $308.00 was still remaining in the Customer account, which displayed that it had indeed been paid and deposited into the bank. That was verified by looking at the Bank Register to see if that $308.00 had been deposited and reconciled – which it had.

Okay, then why would the $308.00 still remain as unpaid in that Customer account? The tech support after walking through a number of checks also couldn’t figure it out he placed me on hold for a minute, while he went and spoke to his software development people. They verified that there was indeed a problem with entering Sales Receipts in, paying them, and still displaying that open balance in the Customer account. In other words, there was a bug in that transaction that QBO was not able to process.QBO Sales Receipt Screen 2

Further more, no one in Canada had reported it, so the QBO development department had no knowledge that the bug was a problem in Canada, besides being a problem in the U.S.  Now to tell you how I fixed the problem, and my suggestion would be that you contact your ProAdvisor to allow them to help you through this. FYI, make sure this person knows, and has worked with QBO – and not just the Desktop version.

First I thought if I deleted the Sales Receipt transaction in the Customer account it would clear the Open Balance amount, but that didn’t work, which led credence to a bug. So my next step was to enter a journal entry to clear the Accounts Receivable amount for that Customer – which worked for me.

QBO Sales Receipt Screen 3I then went back and re-entered in the Sales Receipt using the exact same information that it had originally had, and also paid it directly to the Bank account. Since QBO has this fantastic way of not messing up the previous reconciliation, I was able to perform this re-enter function. When I saved the re-entered Sales Receipt, QBO processed the transaction like it was supposed to do, and the Customer account (BVDL) now showed a nil balance.

If you run into this bug with your Sales Receipt entry, then click on the Feedback feature and report it, and hopefully the QBO Development staff will finally address and fix it. Until then, don’t forget to call your QBO versed ProAdvisor for help.

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