Further to the Sales Receipts Bug in QB’s Online Version

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Further to this on going problem with the Sales Receipt bug in QuickBooks Online, I received a call from the QBO Tech Support person that I had been dealing with. He informed me that the Journal Entry that I had entered in to zero out the amount in the Customer Account, now had to be deleted. Just what I needed, more complications to a major problem. Really! Why?

QBO screen 4a

Well, because the duplication that couldn’t be seen in the Customer Centre account was actually a Journal Entry that had been entered to record the sale. Okay, so I went back to the Customer Register and there it was as per the above screen shot. But in the next screen shot if you look at the Customer Centre (BVDL) below, that same Journal entry is not visible – and the Customer balance is Nil.

QBO Screen 5a

So back I went to the Customer Register to have a look at what was actually in QBO as per the below Customer Register.


QBO Screen 6aNow we have the full picture of what actually transpired and in chronological sequence to. First the Journal entry on April 3 was recorded. Then on June 13 the Sales Receipt was entered. Finally, on June 16 a Journal to reverse the first journal entry was entered.

To correct this mess that took place, what has to be done is… delete both journal entries and leave the Sales Receipt as is.

So is there really a bug in the posting of a Sales Receipt? I would have to say No.

The problem that I can see out of this exercise, is that a Journal entry for a Customer to record a sale – DOES NOT show up in the Customer Centre account. Now this could have a huge impact on not only the Balance Sheet but also the Profit and Loss financial reports.

Should you be recording sales by way of Journal Entries? NO! If the Sales Receipt had just been used there would have been no problem.

So, if you are not certain what you did and you have a similar problem, then go to Banking/Register change the Account field to Customer, choose the Customer name and have a look at all the transactions. Don’t forget, your QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is only a phone call away to help.

QBO screen 7


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