Accountant’s Copy

The Limitations of the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

If you’re hoping to find something through the QuickBooks Help on the limitations of the Accountant’s Copy, I say to you good luck. Sure it will tell you some useful information about what an Accountant’s Copy is, how large it can be, and so on, but it really doesn’t say what you can and can not use it for. There are so many limitations that I wonder why Intuit even...

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Will the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Work with Errors?

This article is mainly for QuickBooks ProAdvisors since they are the ones that would use the Accountant’s copy. Normally this is pretty straightforward, with the client emailing you the Accountant’s copy via the Intuit Server, you work in it, make the changes and email it back. What happens though if you have done a Verify Data and it has checked out clean, but there are errors in the...

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QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy: How to Create, Send and Import

An Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks is usually created so that the Accountant can do work on the company file at the end of the fiscal year. While the Accountant does the work, you as the end-user can still be working on the new fiscal year but you will not be allowed to go back to the previous year. This is done to protect the integrity of the data that the Accountant is working on. Once...

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